Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s health condition deteriorated further on 39th day of hunger strike

2013_12image_11_24_008170000gur_singh-ll1It is learnt the health condition of Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa who is on fast since November 14, 2013 unto death seeking release of 6 Sikh political prisoners deteriorated further on December 22. According to Punjabi Tribune, a vernacular published from Chandigarh, he lost two kilo-grams weight in last 24 hours.

According to media reports Bhai Gurbaksh Singh experienced breathing problems and doctors have advised him to take complete rest and remain in warm clothings.

It is notable that because rain falls in the region the temperature has fallen quickly.

Fateh Channel sources updated from Amb Sahib (Mohali) that Bhai Gurbaksh Singh on the morning of 23 December, 2013 Bhai Gurbaksh Singh’s condition was stable and he was in high-spirits.

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